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Acer 5749 (100Mbps ethernet, no gigabit on this laptop)

Windows 7 x64


When I copy a movie from the server to the laptop via ethernet, its very slow at 3.5MB/s. Before anyone asks, that is Megabytes because the "M" and "B" are capitalized. I don't remember ever having this problem but I'm not sure... Here are the things I've tried with no success

  • Reset TCP IP stack
  • Reinstall Ethernet drivers and installed an older version
  • netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled
  • Set speed to 100mbps Full Duplex
  • and some other random stuff which was a waste of my time


I have a gaming pc that can copy from the server at over 100MB/s so its definitely not the router or server. I created a shared folder on the laptop and when I copied the file onto my desktop, its was copying at 10-12MB/s which is fine! So I know the laptop is capable of 100Mbps but for some reason it won't receive 100Mbps.

If I use wireless its a bit faster at 6.5MB/s...


Any help?
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