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I just purchased a new condo. It has three bedrooms and a living room. Each of the rooms has two coaxial drops wired back to central wiring box in one closet. The outside cable is wired to that box and split to the living room and two of the bedrooms.

When I purchased the place, my initial plan was to run Cat 5e/6 drops to each room and have a central wiring closet with either a punch board or just a ghetto router. However, when I went into the crawl space in the attic, it does not have much room to work, on top of the fact that I have 12 foot ceilings.

Since I have decided I can deal with wireless for most of the rooms of the condo, I think that I can make due with just one wired connection between my office in one of the bedrooms and my living room with my HTPC and other equipment.

I was considering simply joining two of the drops with a female to female connector such as this:

Then using some sort of coaxial converter on each side such as this:

Note that is will be an otherwise dead line that I will be using, so I’m not sure if this is what I will need as this seems to be for someone that need network connectivity on an otherwise hot cable line. Not that this is overly expensive, but is there something cheaper I could use?

Any advice would be appreciated.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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