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Neural X upmixer, voice of god?

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I have been trying to find this online and in the forums and wasnt able to answer my own question so had to ask...
I have wanted to try setting up the voice of god on my denon avr-x4400h since i use a minidsp 2x4hd and have no use for my second subwoofer output anyway. I know this will work when using the Auro 3d Upmixer (i use this about 30 percent of the time) But my question is will it work when using the Neural X upmixer? I am willing to matrix the channel myself using an old PLII receiver or another minidsp as i use Neural X most of the time but it would be sweet if i didnt have to go through that. Thanks!
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Um ... what? "Setting up the voice of god [sic]?"
That's the Auro3D overhead speaker that Denon calls "top surround".

If I understand the manual (p. 297), Neural:X does not use that speaker.
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My understanding is that Denon says the VOG is only supported in Auro3D format or Auro3D upmix.
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