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Anyone know if Gauntlet Gray SW7019 is a true neutral?

My drywalling is almost done and my contractor is bugging me to pick the wall color. I am planning on going with a color-neutral gray. My wife wants a Sherwin Williams color for the rest of the basement, so I am looking for a flat SW gray.

I know Gray Screen SW7071 is neutral, but I worry it is too light

I'm also considering Thunder Gray SW7645, but that may be too dark

Attached picture (not my actual room, but similar) is from SW Color Visualizer and has the walls in Gauntlet Gray

I plan on dark carpeting (not necessarily the same as the picture) and a flat black ceiling, though I may do that myself since the contractor wants $250 additional just to paint a 15 x 17 ceiling area black...seems excessive to me, though I could be wrong
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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