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(never used) Behringer ep2500 (sold), 2 Fi IB 18's (sold), DSP 1124p(sold), (IB Subwoofer Setup)

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I'm moving to a smaller house and need to sell some of my equipment. I just never got around to this IB audio project...the equipment was never used.

Behringer EP2500 - Sold
DSP1124 - $50.00+shipping sold
Two Fi IB 18's - $335.00+shipping for both. sold

Thanks for looking

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price drop on Behringer Amp and DSP 1124. New price in original post.

thanks for looking



Are the Fi's single 2 or single 4 on the coil?
Hi Kriszilla!

Someone on a different forum asked for more specifics also...here's some more information and additional pictures. The pictures below are of the other woofer, than the first pictures...just so you can see both.

Fi Q18 IB 4

They are 4 ohm version. $335 + Shipping, price is for both woofers ($167.50 each).

Here's a few more pictures...

These pictures will be of the other woofer...so you can see it also.

(man these things are big!)

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Pm sent ep 2500
Hi guys...reply sent back to each of you...


The two Fi IB 18's and DSP are sold...

Thanks for looking...

One of the members asked to see some more pictures of the Behringer EP2500. I took a few more photos of the amp. It's still wrapped in the protective plastic exactly how it was from the factory...I've never taken it out yet. This was bought for my IB project that I never ended up putting together.

Thanks for looking,

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Krizilla, boxes are all shipped and I sent you the tracking numbers via pm.

orthikon, The pictures of the Behringer ep2500 are up...just let me know if you would like it or not.


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