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EDIT: Nevermind, I see that Dish never activated the firewire and doesn't even include the ports on the new 921's. Guess I'm back to looking for cheap ways to mod the 6000. I totally missed out on the 1/2 price 169time mod sale last month. :mad:


I'm on my second 811 since December of last year and STILL have nothing but problems.

Is there any chance Dish will allow me to upgrade to a 921 for a fee of less than $1000? I understand the 921 has problems also, but at least it's features will make life easier in other ways. :rolleyes:
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Could someone explain this post to us.........
Videobruce, what exactly do you need help with?

I posted a question, then found the question was irrelevent, so I edited the post so people like yourself would not have to waste their time on it, hence the "nevermind" thread title.

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