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New 30K problem? Color blue goes away. Very strange.

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OK, here is a new one. Last night while watching BEHIND ENEMY LINES and BLUE VELVET on D-VHS via my JVC30K direct to my Panny TV, 4 times the blue just went out of the picture. For instance, the blue velvet curtains during the end credits of that film were green. If I stopped the tape and started it again, the blue would come back. Pausing or scanning forwards or backwards did not alleviate the problem.

I flipped over to my Samsung SIR-T165 and viewed some of WINDTALKERS on HBO via the 5000 HD setup and nothing happened. I played a good amount of tape with my Panasonic D-VHS deck through the Samsung and nothing happened.

I went back to the JVC30K and the problem came back. I then played my 30K through the Samsung and the problem did not come up.

So it would appear to be a 30K issue. Any ideas what could be happening? Could the blue component connector be going bad? Could the cable be going bad? All cables are tight.

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Don't you play your pre-recorded movies from the JVC to the Samsung and out to your monitor as a rule? If so, wouldn't that be the way to watch it rather than straight from the JVC to the monitor?
I would suggest swapping the Pb and the Pr cables. If the red goes away instead of the blue the next time, your original Pb cable is intermittent.
Baux, I'll give that a try. Thanks.

Mike, normally I do use the Samsung, however I was recording using the Samsung and Panasonic, so I used the JVC direct to my TV. Having two decks is very cool.
Cable switching didn't solve the issue. I am going to get brand new cable and hook the 30K up directly to my TV's component inputs, bypassing my switcher.
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