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Originally Posted by cadmium /forum/post/14286523

I have an older 80H Series 2 Tivo that has a drive on it's way out. While it's still operating I thought I'd upgrade the drive.

I'm currently looking at this 320BG Western Digital drive:


My question is, will I have any problems with a drive that large on a Series 2?

As long as its software is reasonably recent (7.1.x or later, as I understand it), it should be able to properly handle drives larger than 128 GB (the limit prior to the advent of LBA48 addressing). You might Google with the full model number (I'm guessing you used the last 2-3 digits of the model number; the first 3 after TCD are the ones that actually indicate the board iteration, the latter 3 indicate the capacity), but as long as you either let the software update first, or have already got a modern software rev on it, that should work fine. You'll need to transfer the software using something like MFSTools or use an InstantCake CD to install the appropriate software load on the drive before putting it in, but otherwise there's nothing that should prevent you from using its full capacity.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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