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Alleged quotations from the company's support staff include, "Unfortunately, we do not support Linux," and, "Again, these drives are not meant to be used in a RAID environment so we are not going to be working towards a solution for this environment"—a puzzling reply, considering Seagate's own product page for the 1.5TB 7200.11 mentions desktop RAID as a "best-fit" application.

If it has the same crappy firmware as the 7200.11 1.5TB drives and stupid employees making these kind of comments, no thanks. Also only 3 years warranty, Seagate robbed their buyers of the 5 years warranty they deserve after the 1.5TB fiasco.

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Only the OEM drives have the new 3 year warranty. The retail versions still carry the full 5 year warranty.

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A quick performance comparison ( original post ):

Seagate ST3500410AS, 500GB, 500GB/platter, 7200rpm

- Sequential read/write: 130.8MB/s, 127.9MB/s

- Random read/write (512KB): 56.88MB/s, 82.25MB/s

- Random read/write (4KB): 0.824MB/s, 1.928MB/s

Samsung HD502HI, 500GB, 500GB/platter, 5400rpm

- Sequential read/write: 102.0MB/s, 101.1MB/s

- Random read/write (512KB): 44.17MB/s, 71.16MB/s

- Random read/write (4KB): 0.617MB/s, 2.198MB/s

WD WD6400AAKS, 640GB, 320GB/platter, 7200rpm

- Sequential read/write: 128.4MB/s, 124.0MB/s

- Random read/write (512KB): 38.92MB/s, 83.59MB/s

- Random read/write (4KB): 0.780MB/s, 2.581MB/s
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