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New "5e" software download from DirecTV

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I just received the latest "5e" version software from DirecTV which replaced the troublesome "5d" version. My question is: has anyone else received this download and, if so, have you noticed any improvements to the list of problems people were having with the "5d" version? Reason I'm asking is that DirecTV just sent me a replacement for my problematic HD10-250 with the 5d software (typical lockups, video and audio dropoutrs, etc.). It arrived today but my original one is still installed in my home theater. I really do not want to swap my original one for the replacement I just received if the new software will fix my problems. Can anyone confirm improvements with the new software version?

Thanks for any comments!!
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These sort of questions would be best asked on TivoCommunity's HDTV DirecTivo forum , which is where you'll find reports on the 5e software.

Update: Here's the thread dedicated to the new 5e software..
Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, I'm using a corporate computer that has a load of "Smart Filters" in the network which blocks access to most forums including the Tivo Community Forum. For some unknown reason, the filter does not block this forum so I thought I'd give it a try. Oh well, I can always use the local library and use their PCs to access the Tivo forum.

Anyway, I appreciate the response and the link.
Here is a copy of my posting over there....

I wouldn't let it install it unless you are having trouble!

I have screwed myself with the 'e' update. I have not had a phone line connected to my HD Tivo for months... I was glad I didn't get the 'd' upgrade because of all the problems. After 'e' came out I figured it worked (first few pages of this thread) but now I know better.

Before 'e' update I didn't have ANY problems with OTA signals or Satellite signals. I have both sat cables and set to use both.

I left the phone line unplugged because I have to run a phone line across the floor to get to the Tivo. This blocked my updates keeping me at the original release.

Today for some unknown, can't leave well enough alone, idiot reason I decided I'd plug the phone line in so I could get rid of the 'make a call soon' message every day. What a mistake!

Now my OTA is completely useless... If I do the signal check on the OTA all the channels are 90/92 or so. When I go to an OTA channel it gives me the 'searching' message and I get nothing. If I run the diagnostics the OTA always fails and its about 50/50 on the satellite signals.

I deleted the OTA channels and did a scan... No channels are found. I have rebooted 8 times and still no OTA.

I haven't call DirecTV yet - I'm sure they will somehow say this is normal...

I know this is not a cable problem or reception problem. Remember I had no problems with OTA or Satellite before this so called 'e' upgrade.

Has anyone else had this? I now have a useless HD Tivo.. Flakey Satellite and nonexistent OTA..

Why oh why did I plug the phone line in?
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Ugh Oh!! I thought the new download would fix the problems - not make them worse. I'm going to call DirecTV and ask them if I can hold on to their replacement unit for a few more days (without incurring a cost penaly) to see if my currently-installed one starts acting up. I'd hate to go through the replacement process and then have to go through this all over again if the replacement unit has the same problems since it will also download the 5e software during the setup process. CRAP!!!
Just a word of caution... If you have a phone line plugged into your HD Tivo you may want to pull the plug until DirecTV figures out what is going on.

I did the erase and reset everything in the hopes that it would fix my troubles. Now the signal meters all say life is wonderful on all satellites and OTA but it won't finish the setup - the satellite configuration fails.

Bottom line - now I can't find any OTA channels AND because I can't finish the satellite setup I can't get any satellite channels either - plus I now have a nice empty hard drive...

Remember - I had NO signal problems OTA or Satellite until I plugged the phone line in and let it upgrade to the latest 'e' version of the software.
3.1.5e seems to be working fine for me. Fewer audio dropouts on HDNet, picture looks good, everything seems good to go.

My disk drive died last weekend though. But mine has a fresh drive in it now.
I think (and hope) that for most people that get 'e' it will work... I just figured that I'd warn people that are not having problems (and don't have the 'e' version of the software) that their problems could start with 'e'.

I can hardly wait to hear what DirecTV has to say about it.... I'm sure I'll get the "No one else has had problems - you are the first to call" script.
e rev works fine for me, too.

Good luck with your situation.
I still have my original receiver installed with the 5e software and last night I saw numerous "black screen" interruptions during various times and channels. It would last for about 2-5 seconds and then the picture would come back. No "locking" or anything - just a quick full black screen. It was annoying but nothing I couldn't live with (at least for now). DirecTV said that I could keep the replacement unit until next Monday (my old unit is supposed to be shipped back this Friday) to see if I have any more problems. I'm not sure if the "black screen" interruptions are originating from the broadcasting source or if it's in the Tivo. I had this same problem with the 5d software so I'm guessing that it might be my Tivo. I'll have more time to watch it this weekend and see how it goes.
No problems with "d" and now "e" at all. I am a lucky HD guy.
The OTA signal strength meter doesn't work with the 5e software on my unit, even though my OTA channels are working fine...
I had no problems with d and now that e has spooled, I have had it for about a week and again,no problems.

I have no problems with 5e. It works great.
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