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New Ahanix D.vine series HTPC cases (D.vine 6 and D.vine 7)

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Just visited the Ahanix web site today and found out about these new cases:

D.vine 6 series: http://www.ahanix.com/webpoll/images/dvine6.gif

D.vine 7 series: http://www.ahanix.com/webpoll/images/dvine7.gif

It's from a webpool Ahanix has in its main page: http://www.ahanix.com.

The D.vine 6 can take any regular ATX PSU unlike the D.vine 5. However, I think I like the design of the D.vine 5 a little better.

What do you guys think?
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I like the looks of the D.vine7.

When I checked a couple of weeks ago D.vine was only polling if there was enough interest out there to actually produce those cases. Has this changed in the meantime?


Lori from Digiconcepts was telling me she'll be receiving new shipments of the d.vine series HTPC cases by the end of september. She mentioned those 2 new cases as well. So I assume she'll have them available by the end of the month.

That was my understanding, anyways.
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