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New apt w/ in-wall speakers. Is receiver the only way?

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I have no background knowledge about connecting audio setups aside from the 30 mins I just spent on google.

I just moved into a new furnished apartment. It has a TV in the living room as well as two built-into-the-wall speakers behind the couch. The TV has standard RCA-out for audio (red and white). Next to the TV, built into the wall, is a wall jack with a bunch of plugs (ethernet, phone, cable, and 4 for audio). The plugs for audio look like this:

From what I understand, I need some type of banana plug into them... which brings me to the issue that my TV is RCA while the inputs to the speakers are banana plugs.

Ideally, I would have liked some lost-cost solution.. eg some cable w/ RCA on one end and banana plugs on the other. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like something like that is common place. Radio Shack actually recommended that I buy 3 things: stereo cable, banana plugs, rca plugs.. and basically make my own cables.

Is there a way I can set all this up without having to buy a receiver? I would just like to make use of the built-in-wall-speakers that came with my apartment...
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Unless the speakers have built in amplifiers (which it doesn't seem like), you need a receiver/amp of some sort. Technically you can use the rca analog audio outputs from your tv... but without being amplified that won't be near sufficient enough.
You can just buy a cheap used receiver from Craigslist, yard sale, thrift, etc. Just find the cheapest one with a remote, should only cost $25-35.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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