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New ATI card help

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So my parents bought a Sony Bravia 40 inch. They wanted to be able to use it as a second computer monitor. I'm using the DVI out of their ATI to the Bravia and the monitor out to their computer monitor. I'm getting it to display to both monitors but it's acting as one large monitor like a graphics art designer would use. I can drag icons and windows over to the Bravia.

How can I make it so both displays display the same thing without acting as a large monitor team? (if that makes any sense)


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Uncheck..."Extend my windows desktop onto this monitor"

Right click desktop, properties, settings, select the second monitor icon and then uncheck as above.

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cool thanks soapsuds.
cant get it to work any one else?
Assuming you are using the Catalyst Control Center (CCC)

open CCC,

1. Click "displays manager" in advanced view.

2. Click the number 2 display icon in the right-hand box.

3.Click Yes to the Enable display? dialog. (optionaly you can right click the number 2 icon in the right hand box and click enable in the pop-up menu)

Then select a desktop mode.

What you want is either of these 2 settings:

"Clone mode" : 2 displays show the same identicle desktop (same icons etc.)

Clone mode supports only one color depth, resolution and refresh rates for both display devices.


"Extended mode": The desktop is spread over 2 displays that can be arranged independently. Each display can have their own unique resolution, color depth and refresh rate.

I use "Extended mode" for my RPTV.

If you are going to be viewing HDTV content or watching DVDs, you can further set the aspect ratio:

1.Expand "Video" in advanced view

2. click "Theater mode"

3. select "Match the source video " to maintain the aspect ratio of the original video.

Hope this helps you.
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That is the best you can get. You cannot clone w/ different resolutions. You can have different resolutions w/ extended. This is a windows limitation.
thanks for the help fellas. Merry Xmas
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