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New ATI Tool Easily Converts and Compresses MCE DVR-MS Files to any Format Perfectly!

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I am going to keep it it short and sweet.

The new ATI AVIVO Transcoder Utility Converts Windows Media Center TV files (DVR-MS) very very quickly

I was able to transcode 1 hour of HD (close to 3Gb) recording down to 880 WMV file in less than 23 min :) It plays back perfectly and very good quality compared to the orginal. The format was maintained (No horizaontal or vertical black bars).

I did this with the other formats avialable in the tool:



MP4 (I believe)

H.264 (AVI)


H.264 IPod

and PSP Compatible.

And they alworked great!!!

I even have an 24 mb PSP File and it only took 26 min....

For those that think that this is only for ATI Cards, I was using the CPU only version on my computer with a 6800GT

Can't wait to the GPU accelerated version comes out :D
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1 hour of HD at 3GB?
Check the file properties of the WMV file.

It is no longer HD from my testing so far.

H.264 will convert to HD resolutions though.
Besides the decrease in resolution, audio is reduced to 2 channel mp3.

Nice utility, just needs a lot more work/options.
I wouldn't say perfectly..... initial tests from doom9.org show that the quality of the h. 264 encodes is horrid compared to software already available. (free software included) I haven't yet seen any tests on the other encoding methods.
My question is whether this type of software will work on Windows 2000? I have gotten Meedio and MediaPortal working on my Windows 2000 HTPC, and they both record shows in MS-DVR format. However, since I am running Windows 2000 and not XP, I cannot play back those recordings correctly. It's been a while since I have tried, but I would either get video and no audio or vise versa (again, I don't remember which). I was also never able to try these recordings on an XP system to see if all of the data was there and just wouldn't play back.

Anyone know if this would work?
Hmmmm... from the man himself:

alright, I put it through the qualification round. It's fast alright but quality is nowhere near enough to qualify.. it's the worst AVC encoder I've ever seen. And to boot, for some reason the ateme mp4 splitter has issues with it.. when it is activated I only get audio (I created a raw stream from graphedit, muxed via mp4box), and ffdshow seems to have some other issues with it as every now and then I get a frame of extreme blocking.
The thread:

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