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I am new to the site and no audiophile, and so I am seeking advice on Home Theater sound system components.

I currently have the following old equipment: Carver AV-806X amp, DT Center 3000, DT BP2000TL (x2), and DT BPVX/P (x2) being used with a Marantz AV7702 (NOT the MKII). However, I recently upgraded to the Playstation 4 Pro, Xbox One S, and the LG OLED65B6P. Being a sucker for shiny new things, I now want an HDR-capable AVR or preamp to go with the new gaming gear and TV.

I've set a soft ceiling on my budget at $5K. The intention is to start minimal with an emphasis on quality, and add as needed/budget allows. At this time I am not looking to invest in surround rears/sides in order to avoid wires everywhere and I don't hear good things about the wireless systems. I may run cable in the walls at a later time, but will likely not go beyond a 9.1 or so setup, simply from lack of room. My setup is in my "living room" which is about 13'x14' with three walls (one length, two width) and the other side open to the rest of the house. The room also has: three filled bookcases, two large windows with blinds, a large couch approximately 7ft from the TV, and 2-3 large dog beds on the floor.

I'm not partial to DT, Carver, or Marantz as I bought the DTs and Carver used from the dude I bought my house from and the Marantz upon recommendation from the guys at Magnolia. A guy at the local AV store recommended the following: Marantz AV7703 OR Integra DRC-R1 OR Anthem AVM60 and either the GoldenEar Triton 3+ OR 2+ while keeping the Carver amp. I checked out the Triton 3+s at the store, running out of an integrated amp setup (don't recall which) and liked the sound.

Any opinions/experience/reviews on the aforementioned equipment would be greatly appreciated as well as suggestions for equipment from other manufacturers. I am open to different setups, it doesn't have to be floors w/ powered subs, and although my available space is limited, I am not interested in any HTIB or soundbars (had multiple including two Bose, and like separates better). The equipment will be used for almost exclusively for movies and TV (usually sci-fi, action, horror) and gaming, but rarely for music.

Thanks in advance.
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