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I'm in the process of cleaning, sealing, framing my basement for a theater room. A baby is on the way, which means I'm losing my current office/game room, so time to make some adjustments

The theater space will be roughly 12 ft 15ft, taking up roughly half of the finished basement portion I'm working on.

I've only dealt with setting up a soundbar in our family room to our 50 Panasonic Plasma, and have never dealt with a 5.1 receiver + speaker setup.

I will likely be purchasing the following equipment around March/April, when I expect the room to be taking shape.

Optoma Hd20 projector

Onkyo Tx-Sr507 5.1 receiver

Polk Rm6750 speaker set

Wires/cables as needed

I will also be using the following equipment that I already own:

Playstation 3

Xbox 360

My understanding of the set-up is below:

Speakers connected to receiver via speaker cable

PS3 connected to receiver via HDMI

360 connected to receive via HDMI

Received connect to projector via HDMI

Do I have that correct?

Also, any suggestions with this dilemma? I have standard cable (just the cable, no boxes). This allows me to get a handful of HD channels, and some other channels. We don't watch a ton of TV, and when we do I generally stream it with my PS3 via Netflix/Hulu.

Is there any way to convert my standard coax cable to VGA, HDMI, Component, or any other form of getting it to display with this setup?

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cable first - do you have a set top cable box, or are you connecting the cable company coax directly to your TV ?

Your wiring assumptions are correct.

A cable box should have "component cable" (R-G-B) output for your TV, you would connect the sound via. a Toslink optical cable. If no cable box, then connect the optical out on your TV to the Onkyo receiver.

Everything else - HDMI carrying both audio and video.

The Polk RM6750 speakers are tiny compared to your room....they are better suited for a small bedroom or den. Polk Monitor 30 or 40 bookshelf speakers would be a better choice for the room volume you are dealing with. Check http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...n=polk+monitor for Polk Monitor pricing and add a CS1 or CS2 center channel speaker.

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Cable is directly to the TV, no box, and no plans to really change it unless required down the line since I only pay $14 per month and rarely watch TV as it happens (I use netflix and hulu kind of like a DVR).

Also, thanks for the speaker suggestions, I will be looking into the ones you mentioned as well as some others...
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