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I had a co-worker over to pickup his kids computer I cleaned up and his wife noticed my media center pc. Long story short, she talked hubby in to offering me a bunch of cash so they could buy the pc complete as is. It was an aging core2duo nforce board and I of course have had the idea of upgrading on the backburner for awhile. So I jumped at the opportunity to get a cheap(ish) upgrade.

New system: Feel free to critique.

i3 2105

Asrock Pro3-m

Gskill Sniper LV1.25v 1600

Corsair ForceGT 60GB SSD

3x Hitachi 3TB 5400

Antec HCG-400watt

Lian-Li PC-C50B mATX

Hauppauge 2250 (already had)

Hauppauge DCR-2650 (cable card tuner, pre-order, may cancel for HDHR Prime3)

2TB Samsung Spinpoint F4 (already had)

Windows 7 x64

The Asrock has a CIR header on board so I bought an internal receiver on Ebay and to my dissapointment found out Asrocks CIR is proprietary or something, not standard Intel layout. I had to put in another order for a USB internal.

So far the system is rock solid, no real instability although I get some longer then expected pauses when clicking various things. I think the SSD may be the cause? Still a new build so I haven't had time to investigate.

The biggest problem I've run in to so far has been audio. I use WMC with Media Browser for library playback and WMC for Live TV. I installed LAV Filter and LAV audio 64bit and library playback seems to be just fine. The video quality is excellent (noticeably better then my Nvidia 9400igp) and audio bitstreams to my Denon AVR-590 perfectly. But the first time I installed Windows my sound was completely flaking out on Live TV. Sometimes it would work, sometimes it wouldn't. If it was working and I took WMC out of full screen, audio would go almost completely silent, going back to full screen didn't fix it. What I stumbled across as a fix was to go to Sound control panel and change the bitrate to anything different and apply settings then sound would come back. But then I would go back to WMC and go full screen and sound was gone again. I tried various Intel graphics drivers, uninstalled everything to do with A/V that I didn't need for Live TV and nothing helped. Finally I did another clean install of Windows and very carefully installed the Intel drivers in order, rebooting after each one. This time LiveTV audio works in all modes, but now Youtube videos and other web based video is doing the same exact thing. Very low audio when I first start playing the video, if I go to sound control panel and change the bit rate sounds comes back in full force.

Another thing I tried was turning off the AVR and letting it do hdmi passthrough to the tv. When I do that, my audio works perfectly fine from the TV?

I have WMC setup with 5.1 speakers and Windows itself setup with Stereo as per other known problems when they're both setup the same. I never had anything close to this problem with my Nvidia board so I'm quite confident the AVR and HDMI cables are fine.

Any ideas, suggestions?


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Ok scratch the Hauppage cards and HDHR Prime, since the Ceton now does network tuner sharing (I was a little behind following the ceton thread) I ordered one of those. I like the idea of an internal card better then external, hopefully it doesn't heat up the case too much though.
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