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Hi All,

Been reading a lot of these post and learned a lot still have some questions. Just signed a contract to build a home in Ohio and want to try to "future proof" the house as best I can.

Let me start by saying I like a very clean look, no equipment laying around that is visible. 95% of the equipment will be brand new.

I am thinking of doing HDMI over Cat6 throughout the house terminated to a cabinet in the basement? Pros? Cons? Worried about the quality.

Learning how RF transmitters and remotes work. Do I need to get a transmitter? Do most new cable boxes, AV receivers etc have this standard?

I have attached a floor plan below. 2 speakers per bedroom 1 in bathroom be sufficient?

firstflow.JPG 83k .JPG file

Would like to pre-wire for 5.1 in great room, rear speaker placement looks hard?

There is a 2nd floor bonus room that may be used as HT in the future but reading all these post about 7.1 pre-wire prices, I am not sure.

Any help/feedback is appreciated, trying to prepare myself before I go into my pre-wire meeting.




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