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New Build, need some direction.

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Here is what I have so far...


Windows Ultimate running Windows Media Center (WMC)

DC AMD 5400

Hauppauge WinTV 1600 HD Tuner Card



Stock Audio Card that came built in to the Motherboard

2 XBOX's Elite (HDMI Out) Tied into WMC for TV/Music/Movies distribution

- Display is set to 1080i & sent to TV via HDMI

- Audio is set to 5.1 and Distributed via the Sony Receiver via Optical Cable

2 50" Samsung Plasma's 1080p

Sony Receiver w/5.1

Comcast Cable HD Package

- Motorola Cable Box Model DHC3416

Here is what I would like to happen and distributed thru the WMC.
  1. HD Video (1080i or 720p) recorded by the Tuner via the Comcast Cable Box
  2. Full 5.1 Surround Sound (I may need a better sound card here)
  3. The WinTV 1600 to control the Cable box for channel changing.

Can the hardware I have do what I am looking to do? Any suggestions or best practices? Should I purchase other Hardware?
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To record HD premium channels you will need the Hauppauge HDPVR. If you just want the locals, they should be avwilable in clear QAM which you can record with your 1600.

BB thanks for the reply-

My hope is that I would get the all the HD channels (we have the cable package with all of the channels) because it is going through the box first.

So this wouldn't work to get all the channels. WHere the Hauppauge Tuner card can somehow control the channel changing of hte unit.

Wall --> HD Cable Box --> Hauppage 1600 HD Tuner Card --> WMC? WMC sees all the channels that the Cable box is transmitting.

If this isnt the case, What Tuner card do you recommend for me to be able to get the functionality that I am looking for?


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You can input an S-Video signal into the 1600 and record any channel but it won't be great quality. The Hauppauge HDPVR accepts component signals which is the best you can get right now and the only one you'll get all HD channels from your cable box. You can also capture in a format for Xbox which will make it easier for you to stream to your 2 systems. You should check it out before you buy anything.
OKies -

That looks like the direction I will be going.

Thanks a bunch
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