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Hello All -

I did a search of a ship-load of old threads.

I want to use on-board Realtek until the new Asus HDMI Xonar card comes out in Q3 2008.


Vista Home Premium SP1

Asus P5K varient (EPU) Motherboard

Using SPDIF output to my receiver.

I cannot get any output from the on-board Realtek.

On-board sound is turned on in the BIOS.

Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio is clean & green in Device Manager.

Drivers in Device Manager indicate as installed. Tried drivers from motherboard CD, and the latest 2 deployments from Realtek. Same result - no output.

I tried running the cable from SPDIF output into different input of receiver - no change. This same cable and receiver input worked with my previous XP build and a non-Vista approved sound card.

A search indicayed the SP1 for Vista killed his Realtek. My SP1 was included in the build disk. Is there any way to un-install SP1 to check and see if this helps? I did not see SP1 in Add/Remove Programs.

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