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New bulb - Settings

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I recently installed a new bulb in my Sanyo Z3000, and it has taken care of my major problem (no picture). Apparently the new bulb is much brighter than the old one, and the picture initially was obviously way too bright. After several adjustments, I found that reducing the brightness setting by 10 - 12 increments seems to have cured the problem, and I'm now getting a good clear high-contrast picture on my 92-inch screen. I also tried lamp settings of A,A1, A2, etc., and various picture programming settings (I prefer the 'natural' setting), but they didn't cure the problem until the brightness was reduced. (Interestingly, I don't recall having to increase the brightness setting during the 2.5 years I had the original bulb.)

I was surprised by what seems to me to be the relatively large adjustment in brightness required to get back to 'normal'. I'm assuming also that the new lamp will gradually become less bright in a year or two, at which time it may be appropriate to increase the brightness setting. The the picture could probably be improved by further adjustments, but it seems fine to me.

Is this what is expected when installing a new lamp?

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That lamp will loose as much as 25% of it's brightness after the first 200-300 hours of use. It will then stabilize and you should perform a user calibration using one of the many available calibration disks to set brightness contrast and sharpness. For the best possible image you can pay a pro to do a complete calibration but will cost approximately $400. I did this at 1000 hours on my lamp and it was well worth every penny. I did not want to wait that long but it is how things happened to work out. Check out the calibration forum for more info on the subject.

This thread in the calibration sticky sections is a great place to do some reading
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