With all the attention payed to vinyl records and which streaming site is the biggest, it's easy to forget how many CDs there are out there. For music lovers and audio enthusiasts alike, popping a disc into a drawer and hitting play remains an appealing way to experience an album. Now, NAD has ensured that you can play back your CD collection on a quality dedicated player, the C 538 ($299 MSRP) .

With its C 538, NAD offers CD collectors a way to play back their favorite music on a sturdy device that's dedicated to the task. This is a no-nonsense machine offering a classic design. Notably, it has playback controls right on the front panel offering "Play, Pause, Skip, and Scan" functions. Plus it comes with a remote that lets listeners perform the classic bag of CD player tricks: Random, Repeat , RPT A-B, and Program.

The low-profile chassis is metal and the faceplate features a dimmable monochrome dot-matrix display, again keeping with the traditional CD player aesthetic that's largely been lost in the world of Blu-ray players.

“Although music downloads and streaming continue to grow in popularity, CDs are still the primary listening source for millions of people around the world” explained Greg Stidsen, NAD’s Director of Technology and Product Planning. “NAD continues to innovate and develop its CD players to get improved performance while keeping prices affordable. So, whether you are creating your first home system, or upgrading your current CD player, music lovers should choose one like the C 538 that delivers high quality sound.”

NAD C 538 Feature List:

- Plays CD, CD-R and CD-RW
- Supports MP3 and WMA playback
- Wolfson High Spec 24/192 DAC
- Stereo Analogue Output
- Coaxial Digital Output
- Optical Digital Output
- Repeat Mode for single track or entire CD
- Program Play up to 20 tracks
- Random Play
- Functions: Repeat, Track, File Folder, All, A-B
- Comes with IR Remote
- 0.5-watt Standby consumption
- Detachable AC cord

Stock artwork used in cover image from www.bigstockphoto.com