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You can set it to none, small, or large. It says you use none if it's behind a perforated screen for a projector, small if it's sitting on top of a TV up to about 36", and large for TVs bigger than that.

All it says about what it does is "This control optimizes the performance of the Intermezzo 3.5c based on the size of the TV on which it is placed."

Anyone know what this is actually doing? I haven't a clue.

Also the manual states that you set the high-pass filter to on (which "limits the low frequencies that the Intermezzo 3.5c will reproduce and allows you to use your receiver's bass management settings.") It says to set it to off if you don't have a subwoofer.

That confuses me a little. If I'm using my receiver to control bass management then why wouldn't I just set it to off? If my receiver has the center set to small and the crossover at 80 Hz than the center shouldn't be getting anything below 80 Hz anyway and setting the high-pass to on would be redundant at best and harmful at worst. Am I misunderstanding something?

Edit: I think the Intermezzos are sexy:

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