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New channel on D*

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As of this morning, D* has started broadcasting on channel 602 the TVG Network. TVG (Television Gambling) shows horse racing from all over the country. I think that E* has had it for a while. Looks like I have lost my wife for the foreseeable future. She loves the horses.
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Nope, not in HD.
 Link to DirecTV press release.

Is this channel in high definition?
Just great, another "high interest" SD channel to make it more difficult to bring us new HD.
What a waste of bandwidth. Get rid of the shopping networks and foreign language channels and religion channels and customer info channels with no info and give us Discovery and ESPN for $5.99/ month.

How many people honestly have the time to watch horse races?

Instead of gambling, they need a good cheap hobby like building home theaters.

Don't forget the new college sports channel on 610
Let me get this straight:

ESPN-HD, DirecTV can't seem to lock down, or maybe doesn't want to, who knows.

Discovery-HD DirecTV apparently has no interest in.

HDNet, After Mark Cuban literally puts DirecTv's HD on the map, DirecTv shows no interest in carrying his other channels.


24 Hour HORSERACING is exactly what DirecTv feels it needed for it's satellite network.

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Mike..... Now you got it, D* this is all there is, right now, forever. More useless non-sense. Sad!
How about some post on channels we would like to see go off D*??

I hate their PQ on the SD "cable channels" so bad that when my contract is up in June I am going back to cable except for the HD channels.

Lets say each poster submit 10 channels that they think are a waste of bandwidth, and if we come up with a good list, submit it to Directv.

Here is my list..

get rid of all of the music channels!

ditch 1/3 of the PPV ones

ditch the shopping channels which make money for the services :(

get rid of the 7 or so channels of 'info'
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i agree with meadmkr

but cut the music (im assuming you mean the just audio channels) channels in half.

but really couldnt they take all the chinese and foreign channels and put them on a seperate sat. or is that real expensive ??
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