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New channel?

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I bought a new toy, a HomeWorX 150 and did a channel scan. It got all the usual channels plus chan 23 which shows an NTSC color bar test pattern with 'KKMP-CD Chico 28' in the middle. It transmits the test pattern sporadically but the signal strength is always 96%.

None of my other devices pick up this channel.

Does anyone know anything about this channel?
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Interesting. I see there is a KKPM-CD on RF28 but that is a "The Walk" affiliate

Nothing on the FCC site shows a KKMP nor a RF23 licensed to Chico
KKPM-CD was recently sold by Family Stations. It used to be commonly-owned with KRDT-CD 23 in Redding, and KRDT-CD simulcasted KKPM-CD. It may still be doing that despite the sale.

- Trip
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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