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New component to increase SQ - $200

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I've been debating on what to upgrade on my setup to offer the best sound quality improvement recently and was looking for some opinions.

Currently I'm using a pair of Focal 705 S bookshelfs, a Pioneer VSX-815K, X-Fi with Coax out, and a Technics SU-G90.

What I'm primarily debating between is a new amp (Emotiva BP-1), or an external DAC (DIYEDEN probably, would it offer an improvement over the Pio?). I was also considering getting a matching center channel, but since I only listen to music in stereo I thought the money would be best spent on electronics ATM.

What do you guys think? I tend to like more of a "forward" sound, not very warm IMO. Any other component suggestions are extremely welcome
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If you want to change your sound, change your room or your speakers.

Originally Posted by DonoMan /forum/post/0

If you want to change your sound, change your room or your speakers.

The room isn't very logical or reasonable to "change" at this point as I'll be moving to a dorm (let alone, the room accoustics aren't causing much issues). As for changing my speakers, there's little reason to. People pair electronics with speakers to get a certain sound all the time, and with the Focals being rather nuetral I didn't think it would be hard to find a component to use with them.

Besides, I just upgraded my speakers within three months. There's no way I'm rushing out to change them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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