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Hi all...

I recently purchased a 1 bedroom + den. Nothing big just enough for me, for now anyways. It will be done on 2012, so there is a lot of time to plan and think about stuff.

I will need some help in some stuff that I may not know so suggestions and opinions are welcome

The condo hasn't been built yet so I can still ask for wiring to be placed in the walls.


* NO visible wires!

- Will ask the builder to have a conduit in certain areas

- If not possible then maybe I will do some sort of a "false wall"

* Den will have all my network connections

- have a RJ45 from Den to Living room (Den = 4 port router to switch in the living room, I do not want WiFi) (WiFi will be used for my laptop and BB)

So all my rooms will have a HT.

This is a list of basic set up

- Livingroom - main HT

* 50-60" LED TV - TBD

* Def Tech Speakers

- Front - BP2002

- Center - CLR2002

- Surround - TBD (currently using Sony HTIB with the sub)

* 8 Port switch

* AVR - Denon 2809CI

- Bedroom - HTIB set up

* 40" Sony LCD TV (might be wall mounted)


- Den - PC room with HTIB set up

* ~36" (1080p) LCD/LED TV wall mounted to be used as a monitor


Here is how the place looks like...

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