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I'm building a new home(breaking ground tommorow) and need some advice on theater room construction. Since I don't feel comfortable at this time going all out on the theater, I would like to get the basics installed correctly. My builder has done some home theaters in the past, but I'm sure nothing like what I want.

I am willing to wait for the seating and I can make do with my current equipment but I want a nice room with all wiring, lighting, heat & air, electrical, soundproofing, flooring, etc, mostly finished. The theater room was originally a bedroom in the plan, but we have extended the end wall by 11 feet and the floor (concrete slab)can be lowered a foot. The entry to the theater room is in the rear side and will be at the same level as the floor in the rest of the house with step downs where requireed.

If I have room, I would like two rows of seating with a small bar at the rear of the room. I would like to pattern my theater after the one in the link below but not exact. The room will be 24'9" x 16' . We had to leave windows in front but there will be doors(maybe pocket doors) to block the light.

I plan on a 12' wide sceen with a 2.35 or 2.40 : 1 aspect ratio. The small room behind the theater room was originally a bathroom but will now be an equipment room. The rear wall can be moved back if required but the staircase behind the wall will still restrict on side of the room.

I'm considering just paying for professional help but my wife is not too happy about me spending more money in this area. If possible with help from the forum I may try to do this myself. Not the actual building, but the planning. Thanks for any advice.


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