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New to AVS and looking for advice/counsel on the a remodel I'm doing which includes completely removing my living from my home and rebuilding from scratch.

The room will be ~ 20' wide by 17' deep (projector wall to screen wall) with 11' ceilings

I'm looking to do a drop down 120" 16x9 screen falling into the "good build quality" but not necessarily needing a huge gain, etc that would come from a, "truly premier system". I hope that is not insulting to the forum as I'm trying to build a system that is primarily (almost exclusively) used at night in a room that has 13 windows. Exterior light pollution is nil since the house is remote so my current project (Benq W7000) works quite well. It really is a Living Room that I'm trying to get a good theater experience from, vs a dedicated theater room.

Desired equipment that I don't have spec'd:
1.) Drop down, motorized, hidden projector screen 120" (Screen Innovations drop down?, Stewart?, some other brand that is 'good' but not top of the line??)

2.) Ceiling mount, directional speakers for the 7 channels (6"?)

3.) Sub for under the couch to augment the Polk Audio sub I already have

I've been reading through various portions of the site as a guest and figured I would ask some specific questions to see if you all had some thoughts that might help.

If there is a different area within the forums I should be posting, please advise and I'll shift there.

Many thanks,

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