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I am currently building our new house and I wanted to attack the low voltage cabling myself.......


I have a basic idea of what to do but need more in depth help....


My main goal is to have wireless through out the house but in certain areas I would like it to be hard wired for Ethernet.


I plan on having my main control area in the basement near the electrical panel where the cable enters the house.


Here is a list of questions I need help with...


1- Seems Cat6 is the way to go right now over Cat5e, should I go with Cat6 or Cat6a?  Does this need to be shielded or unshielded?


2- What type of panel do I need in the basement where I can have all my runs of Cat6 and RG6 (coax) to come to at one central location?


3- I hear people that run HDMI, what is the purpose of this from the control panel?  Typically I thought the HDMI would run from the cable box to the TV


I plan on running RG6 Coax to every bedroom, kitchen, study and great room, I plan on having hard wire ethernet outlets in kitchen tv and great room tv for smart TV.


Appreciate any help in the design of this, also if anyone recommends the best places to buy the wire/plates etc that would be helpful.


I appreciate it.


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