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New Construction Pre Wire....another one

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First, let me say I’ve been lurking for quite awhile and found a ton of good info from other’s posts. We are building a new construction home and those posts helped be do my initial wiring plan with my low voltage company.

I plan to have a dedicated 5'x4’ AV closet with a 42u rack. The rack won’t be full out of the gate but will allow for expansion. The room will have two dedicated 20A circuits with two outlets each (4 total). Initially, I don’t plan to subscribe to any home automation (Control4 or Savant), but want to leave myself options down the road. I know "future proofing" is a tough phase to use in this space, but I’m trying to do what I can.

General points
- Two story new construction on a slab
- We use Amazon Fire, AppleTV, Roku devices for streaming
- Plex media server from old Mac mini
- We will watch Blu Ray in the media room
- Enjoy listening to music via iTunes library or Apple Music
- Both my wife and I work from home
- Have lots of ''smart'' devices in our current home, but plan to rethink. If we don't do home automation, I would love to move all to HomeKit since we're a big Apple family.
- Thermostat, locks, cameras, smoke detector, lights, etc

Pre-wire Overview:
- 3 CAT6E and 1RJ6 to each TV area
- 4 WAP’s with CAT6E
- Dedicated media room pre-wired for in wall dolby atoms 7.1.4
- Conduit run from project to AV closet
- 1st floor living room wired for in wall 3.1 audio
- 6 rooms with in ceiling speaker wiring
- Cat6E runs for ceiling speaker wall switches
- Prewired security on all widows and doors + 3 keypads
- 8 POE security cameras with NVR


I won’t be able to utilize HDBaseT distribution using multiple sources through a receiver in the AV closet without a matrix, right? I can’t simply use the receiver inputs to control the different sources and run the receiver output through a HDBaseT?

Can I power the TV speakers in the 1st floor living room via a receiver in the AV closet? Maybe use a IR blaster..

Same question about whole home audio speakers from a receiver in AV closet with a dedicated 6 channel amp?

I can’t find much on CAT6E. I’ve read CAT6 will support 10GB in runs less than ~50 meters. Is this an OK solution since my drops should all be less than 100ft?

I’d appreciate any feedback on additional thoughts on the project. Thanks in advance.


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