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Hey All,


I'm a total rookie, I've been reading the posts for awhile trying to gain enough info on my new home theatre construction project but I'm not making the headway I need. Time is running out and its decision time!!!


I'm open to all your feedback and I know we've probably made some mistakes along the way but I'm hoping for a bit of guidance to right the ship and end up with a killer set up.


I'm working with a great contractor, so we can build anything.... My AV guy is good, but he offered some advise I'm not sure its accurate, hence this post.


I have questions on the following topics.... Then I'll provide specifics on the theatre.


Rear riser with a second bass: We built a "floating" 18" high riser 1/2 inch from the walls. The riser is firmly nailed to the floor, with glue, Red Heads... its way overbuild Isolation tape, MLV... I have no concern about it moving or anything structural. The I beams (we had extra) are 12" OC and the cavities are filled with Pink R38 insulation. Its solid as a rock and not a squeak in sight. 


Here's my question.... I was told that we should put a second "remote powered bass" under the center back seat in the riser. Is this a good idea? Will it offer a great added feature or will it kill the whole thing?


Front Wall: We were advised to create a 4" floating wall in front of the drywall wall. The wall is floating from all the surrounding walls. Its firmly connected to the floor and ceiling. The speakers LCR and Bass are installed between the studs. We then skinned the wall with 3/4 MDF, so its hard as a rock. We didn't fill the bays with insulation. We planed to mount the 115" screen and on the MDF and stretch the wall with an acoustic fabric system.


Here's my question.... Is a hard surface at the front of the room OK, or will we get sound issues? Should we remove the MDF and expose the 4" bays and stuff them with insulation and then cover the wall with a stretched fabric? We also have the option to add a 2nd bass in the wall.


These are my two main questions, I have others but these are the most time sensitive.


Room details.... See the photos for more detail,no panels are installed yet, they will go where the black paint is framed by the woodwork.


Room Width - 15'4"

Room Length - 19'3.5"

Ceiling Height - 11" See the cove detail in the photos

Seating for 9. (5 Chairs in the back, 4 in the front)

Riser platform height 18"

115" screen


Badboyz Speakers

Yahamha Split System CXA5000/MXA5000

9.2 surround system. (yes, I know that the middle two L and R will be shared on the same channel) this was done because of the fixed speaker locations caused by the framing limitations.

The room was constructed properly with double drywall, GG, ISO tape, MLV.... I'm not concerned about sound entering or leaving the room. I want to maximize my experience in the room at this point.


Thanks for your help and input!!!


Let me know if you need more info or have questions.















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