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Please help:

This question is for Anyone with technical experience in dealing with "Monitor Out" issues over HDMI specifically with DENON 2113ci and SONY BRAVIA KDL-52XBR2.

I am not able to get any video signal, picture, etc thru the HDMI.

I have the HDMI cable connected to the :





Ive tried both.

I do not have a specific port called HDMI IN (ARC) as the DENON Getting Started manual describes. I have HDMI ports though.

I spoke with a DENON Technical Support rep this morning and described the same issue, and he said any HDMI port should work on the display.

The SONY is 1080p capable. No issue viewing 1080p resolution from my DirecTV settop box, or my SAMSUNG EM5900 BluRay.

I previously had a receiver, HARMAN KARDON AVR-525, hooked up to this SONY BRAVIA model with no issues. Yet the MONITOR OUT port on that receiver was Composite Video, because that receiver had no HDMI ports.

Please assist in what I can do to resolve this issue.

Am I able to set this Receiver up using the OnScreen Display on the DENON?

Do I need to change a setting in the DENON Setup menu to get the video signal to pass thru to the Display via HDMI?

Do I need to change some setting in the SONY BRAVIA to get it to recognize the inbound HDMI signal from the Receiver?

Any assistance will help.


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The suggestion to connect to the HDMI(ARC) jack on the TV only refers to newer HDMI 1.4 model TVs that support the ARC feature, however, it's worth trying to connect to the 3rd HDMI input as well. Ensure the TV has the latest firmware installed as well as setting BraviaSync on the TV (if featured on this model) to OFF. Also on the AVR try setting the "i/P Scaler" setting (p. 107 OM) to "Analog and HDMI" and the "Resolution" setting (p. 108 OM) to 1080p vice Auto.

For more help with your new AVR, join us in the Denon AVR-XX13 Owner's thread linked in my sig.

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Thanks for the assistance.

Everythings been working fine.

Now i have a new issue.

Ive got a new Dell PC with windows7 and dual video outputs - 1VGA and 1HDMI.

I would like to have my Dell PC safely running in my master bedroom with my Seagate BlackArmor RAID NAS and USB-ported Seagate 2TB external Hard Drives.

These are housing all my personally owned media files - music, iTunes, .iso files for DVDs and BluRays.

I am running Windows Media Center as my "central hub" with PowerDVD mounting the .iso files for viewing the movies.

The HDMI Port on the video card will be plugged into the HDMI 6 Port on the DENON 2113ci AVReceiver then the Video passed thru via HDMI SONY BRAVIA 52-inch (model referenced in prior post) which is wall mounted in our Loft (kid/family area) approx 100-120ft away from the PC location in our bedroom.


The VGA will be used for my 32in monitor mounted on my bedroom office desk next to the PC.

But what Active HDMI Extender (or other device) is recommended for spanning the distance from the PC HDMI Port on the Video Card to the DENON AVR HDMI Input in order to seamlessly receive/retransmit the HDMI Signal thru to the SONY TV?

I want the full quality of the media files, especially the DVDs and BLURAYs.

I dont think Passive HDMI Extenders over 1 or 2 Cat5e (shielded or not) would handle the signal well enough to allow for seamless signal transfer to & then thru the AVR to the TV.

Please advise.

Any recommendations?


I am most concerned with protecting my PC eqmt and data from the kids accidentally shutting it off, accidentally unplugging it or damaging it.

But i would like them to be able to view their movies and music thru windows media center at original disc quality, with Surround Sound and not have 1000 dvds, cds & blurays stacked, shelved or boxed on the walls.

Hope this provides a clearer picture to what im trying to achieve.


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Will do.

Do you happen to know if there is any past history of successful usage of these monoprice (passive assumed based on price) HDMI extenders working with DENON HDMI receivers?

I dont doubt they work with TV HDMI directly, but im concerned about the HDMI signal encode/decode/pass thru with the AVR in the middle for the audio, with the hdmi video passed thru to the TV.

Everything im googling seems to struggle with hdmi extenders to an AVR then TV.

Hoping someone has some references of success.
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