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New DVDO VP 30- any reason for it over Lumagen HDP for CRT?

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So I'm looking at the specs of the new DVDO scaler, and I'm wondering if there's any advantage of it over the Lumagen HDP for CRT use.

I do acknowledge:

1) More user friendly unit in general

2) Audio switching

But at an approx $500.00 more than the HDP?

It's been told to me by one of the procesor forum moderators at the CES show that the overall PQ is about the same between the Lumagen and the DVDO products, so am I missing something?
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I follow the Video Processors forum where there is a LOT of discussion about the VP30. The biggest thing I've found lacking over there is the "WOW" factor. People are just starting to get their units delivered and there isn't a whole lot of "Wow, this thing is great!". As with any new product, there are some software glitches, but that happens with Lumagen products as well.

As for price, contact Jason Turk, he has some VERY good discounts for AVS Forum members on the VP30. I suspect he carries (and discounts) the Lumagen line as well.

As has been pointed out before, Lumagens are more for "tweakers" and DVDO is more "set it and forget it", I think.

My 2 cents
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Oh, I completely agree with you. I'm not bashing DVDO at all, customer support is great, etc.

It just seems to me that the VP 30 is DVDO's 'catchup' product to the HDP that has been out there for 16-18 months.

And again I agree, I have had to spend a number of hours doing tech support in person and via phone on the Lumagen units, simply due to the confusing parameters within the unit that a newbie owner gets hit with. I don't think I'd have as much handholding to do with the DVDO. It's more user friendly.
Man, it is SLOW in here today - I thought your post would have generated more conversation.

You might bug Person99, I believe he is pretty knowledgeable on the Lumagen line.

Looking at Lumagen's website, one thing advantageous to CRT that is in all the current models is 11 point gamma adjustment.
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