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Electrograph just anounced they are releasing another line of their modified plasmas. The MSRP is only 4495, and you get all this. The tuner card is optional.

Electrograph 42" Plasma Display Model DTS42W

Brightness: 500 cd/m2


MotionDSCTM Digital Processor

3:2 Pull-Down for Proper Film Conversion

Digital Motion Cinema De-Interlacing

Adaptive Motion Line-Doubling

Advanced Video Scaling

3 User Selectable Color Temperature Controls

Video Last Memory

Picture-in-Picture (PIP)

Variable PIP Positioning

Side-by-Side Picture (POP)

Variable Aspect Ratio Control

PIP/POP Source Swap

DVD Black Bar Removal (Digital Zoom)

4:3 Variable Aspect Ratio Controls

Panorama Stretch

3-D Digital Comb Filter

HDTV Signal Compatible

Preset Picture Modes

Clock Phase Adjustment

Auto HDTV Video Mode Detection/Sync

FEATURES - TV Tuner (Optional) FEATURES - Audio

Air/Cable Selection

V-Chip Parental Control

MTS Stereo

Closed Captioning

Favorite Channel Programming

Channel Lock


SAP (Secondary Audio Program)

BBE® Sound Maximizer

SRS® Sound Processing

Bass Extension

Selectable Variable/Fixed Audio Out

Built-in Speakers

Subwoofer Output

Audio Mute

Remote Turn-On Lead for External Amplifier

FEATURES - Connectivity FEATURES - Convenience

DVI Input for Computers

RGB Input

RGB Loop-Out Connector

Composite Video Input

S-Video Input

RCA Component Video Input Jacks

Discrete Audio Inputs for each Video Input

Audio Output

RS-232 Remote Control Port

USB Remote Control Port

Quiet Fanless Operation

Front Panel Controls

Full Function Remote Control

Sleep Timer

Direct Input Selection Keys

Discrete Power ON/OFF Keys

OSD Brightness Control

OSD Background Color Select

OSD Timeout Selection

Input Frequency Info. Display

Power Saver

It will be ready June 10th, and will be at the Electrograph booth at InfoCom. I am eager to get a peek at it. Has anyone had a chance to see?
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