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This subs are very promising!.. I'm already on DIY and yesterday I payed just $500 for the Behringer Inuke 6000DSP Amp. But this sub for just $599 I believe is excellent!

Im on time to cancel the order and go to this route!.. What do you think guys!?

Here are some features:

Extremely powerful, smooth, and extended bass with excellent transient response in a compact package

Advanced DSP management system with easy to read backlit LCD display and rotary encoder input

Fully configurable two-band parametric equalizer for optimal flexibility and precise room matching (variables: Q, frequency, gain)

Accurate and repeatable selection of crossover points in 1 Hz increments, phase correction in 45-degree increments, and EQ settings in 1 dB increments

Remote EQ feature automatically selects Music or Movie EQ modes with external trigger from processor

Powerful, 600-watt RMS high-efficiency amplifier with high current density switch-mode power supply

Professional balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) input connections

Front firing cabinet to simplify placement options and minimize room interactions

Sealed cabinet design with extensive cross bracing and internal damping produce excellent transient behavior with no port noise

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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