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So i am a newb to this forum. I have been reading several of the threads and have picked up a few ideas.

I have closed in my carport into a family room. It is 22x20x8 feet. So it has 3 sheet rocked walls with one brick wall.  My wife made it clear she did not want exposed speakers hanging from the ceiling or mounted on the wall.  So I pre-wired it for a 7.2  system w/ in ceiling speakers and 2 floor subs.


I have not settled on a specific AVR, but i do know it will be 7.2, most likely bluetooth, internet ready either wifi  or ethernet, as i wired prewired Cat 6 ethernet.  So I plan to  have 6 ceiling speakers, 1 in wall center channel speaker. I was planning on 8" 2 way ceiling speakers. Should i do 3 pair of 8" or should I consider 6.5" 2 way speakers.

Just seeking various ideas and feed back, so i can decide wisely.


I know budget is budget, so I have decided about $100/ pair for the ceiling speakers.  I know there are more expensive ones out there, but this is my current price point.


Thanks for the feedback.


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