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New Features in 3.5

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I'd like to start this thread to compile any little tips and tricks in version 3.5.

I've seen several posted here as suggestions and it would be nice to keep them all in one place.

I'll start off with one I just found yesterday.

When you click on "My Shows" you're taken to the most recent recording. If you click on "My Shows" again you get taken to the first scheduled recording.

Other similar shortcuts would be welcome.

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I am pretty new at this, but here is one I have found:

Always check the title carefully before setting up an auto-recording. My wife wanted to record 3 episodes of Sesame Street and not get any duplicates, so she checked the no repeats box. It turned out that the Sesame Street episodes didn't have an episode name so it would only record the first one each day. Once we unchecked the repeats it worked correctly (I think, since we found it this morning).
I find that clicking the record button on a sports event (from the guide) now automatically adds 30 minutes to the recording. This happens even when you have back to back shows on the same channel, like 3 NBA games back to back. You can go in to the first 2 and change them however, but not if you started the recording after it had started. So, instead of all this fuss, I just set up an 8 hour manual record for all the games (but I do have a large drive).
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