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New Firmware Upadate for iLo HD04

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Has anyone noticed that today the firmware for the iLo DVDRHD04 has changed? Go to ilohelp.com and click on the download button.

The date for the firmware is the same, but the file is different. Last Thursday it was WMJA1178.d20 and today it's WMJA1185.DS2.

I've just installed it. Any idea what it does. I still notice audio dropouts at the exact same place.
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Is it on stuff you already recorder or still on any new stuff?
Hiya Nighttime,

I just got this e-mail from iLo just minutes after asking about the latest firmware update and the current drop out problem.

"We have confirmed these bugs.

We have new firmware for your unit that should fix these bugs.

We are currently testing the firmware to make sure that it does before we

release it.

Expect a firmware update by next Friday."

There you have it. I'm impressed that they 1) answered my e-mail within an hour and 2) hat they are trying to make this work. It's a new model and $300 under anything else that will do the same thing. If they can get this one glitch to go away I'll be extremely happy with it. Let's hope.
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Belder the one I downloaded before is D20 the one that is on the site is now DS1. How did you get DS2? They should fire the webmaster because he didn't even put a new date on it. Second mistake he has made.:mad:

I haven't been able to really test the first firmware upgrade because I have alot of shows that I recorded and haven't had a chance to test real good. But I am right now. And the just fit feature has been around it is only available in the timer record section unfortunately.

Talk to you soon.

Very sorry. I got it by typing in the wrong number. It is indeed DS1.

My mind and typing skills are failing. If you think that's bad, one year on my income tax I paid my social security number. (sorry Rodney)
LOL no problem. To tell you the truth it seems the first upgrade fixed the audio glitch problem for me unless it only happens when the unit heats up. Because I fast forwarded to after 30 minute mark and checked for the audio glitches and noticed none. I am checking this new upgrade now. With the baseball game lets see. I do not notice anything on the inteface that is new.

I'll post here that mine is not fixed. Here is part of an e-mail sent to iLo.


I loaded the WMJA1185.DS1 firmware again to be sure. I even erased the hard drive, but did not defrag. I recorded two one hour shows lat night. This morning the playback was fine until I used fast forward on the drive to skip past some commercials. Then, the dropouts started at Title 3 Chapter 5. Something new began. I even got the reverse clock at 21:22. At 23:00 it goes forward again. At 31:01 there was a bad audio drop but at 32:00 there was none. At 33:00 the drop continued.

My unit was manufactured in July 2004. When I bought it the SN was


After the WMJA1178.d20 it was


And with the latest firmware update WMJA1185.DS1


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The new firmware update did not solve the audio glitch on my unit either. Drop outs started a few minutes later than before but seemed to get progressively worse each minute.

Hope next friday's update does the trick.

I don't know if the firmware update had anything to do with this but, my picture quality sure was fantastic for the show that I recorded. Maybe it was just good signal strength but I was really impressed with the video quality on playback.

If they could only get the audio right.
This was just posted on the iLo web site. It explains the firmware upgrade.


October 21, 2004


From time to time, iLo DVD Recorders will need to be enhanced with updated firmware that provides additional functionality, device stability and product capabilities. These product enhancements may be performed in your own home and at your leisure.

For iLo DVDRHD04 models only, the following firmware is ready to be downloaded from the iLo website ( www.ilohelp.com ). This latest version of firmware (WMJA1185.DS1) provides these product enhancements:

-Provides enriched audio playback for DTS (Digital Theater Surround)


-Provides superior audio compatibility with other players for titles copied from the Hard Disk Drive to the DVD disc

-Facilitates a security feature that disables all function keys until the Recorder

powers up and reaches “Ready†state

-Allows copied titles (from the DVD disc) to be merged with recorded titles (Hard Disk Drive) to create one larger recording session. Each file format (Copy and Record titles must be of the same recording mode, i.e. HQ to HQ AND must reside on the Hard Disk before the merge file process can be initiated).

If you have any questions regarding the setup, installation or operation of the iLo DVDRHD04 DVD Recorder, please feel free to contact our 7/24 Customer Support staff at the toll-free number 866-ILO-DVDR (866-456-3837).

Technical Bulletin
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It's true! It was posted by someone on videohelp.com. The new firmware seems to work but has not been posted on the iLohelp.com page. Maybe the first of the week...or maybe there will be other changes?

It's fixed the audio glitch and the FF and REW stutters and the irregular clock that the HD04 had. And now Wal-Mart has added the DVDRHD04 back to it's web page for sale. It's still early, but the initial impression is very encouraging!

Actually this is the first time it's been available online-Beta testing now finished?
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