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New foam anti-dust seal on sanyo PLV-Z1 : myth or reality?

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I'm seriously considering the Z1, or its twin, the matinee 1HD (actually in Canada the Matinee is 100$ cheaper, with a free bulb...)

Are you new Z1 owners noticing additionnal foam anti-dust seals around the lens area? What about the new Matinee owners? I'm hoping to get one of those improved versions, so as to make the dust blob problem liveable. I guess people who bought when it first came out, and had a recent warranty replacement would be the best to judge if there really is a new seal/filter system.

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I see foam surrounded the back part of the lens area on my Z1. Does that mean I got the improved PLV-Z1?
I too have some foam.
Yes the foam is there...
yeah I have foam around my lens. I got my z1 in late november so I doubt it is new and improved

it is my feeling the dust gets in from other areas and not from the lens area
So i guess the new z1 are still little vacuums...

I'm asking because I KNOW this will piss me off to no end. I would certainly vacuum more often if i had a PJ, but I still do not know if that woud be often enough...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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