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Hello everyone,

I have an old 5.1 KEF HTS2001 sattelite/w subwoofer system. The center speaker broke down long ago leaving me with 4 eggs, so I picked up a pair of free vintage Fischer towers and used those as the front while using my eggs as the rear sattelites in my 6.1 setup (I used both fronts to simulate a center speaker). Now that I'm moving I would like to improve this setup and actually get some decent front and center speakers this time for a full 7.1 experience so I was wondering a few things : 1) is it recommended that I go this route? will the resulting mismatch between my existing KEF egg sattelites and new front/center speakers translate to a bad experience? 2) if I do go this route, what front/center speaks would you recommend to go along with the eggs assuming a A) $1000 and B) $2000 budget?

Warm Regards,


p.s. I heard good things about the Energy RC-10 (which go for about $300/pair) supposedly sounding as if they are $1000 speakers; sounds like a bargain!
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