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OK...here is some info below about what I have and what I want to attach to it.

Receiver Yamaha RXV667 90W, 7.2 (I am utilizing the 7.2)

I currently have some average Cerwin Vega V-12F fronts and a Polk CS10 center. I am looking to replace these with something better. I love the Vega's for cranking without worry of blowing them and they do not distort that much but they are not the greatest for HT. I typically listen to hard rock and rock. My room is a square about 15X15 and 8 foot ceilings.

I am looking to replace them with a few options. First off, I am been looking at the BIC DV84 or the DV64. They seem to have good specs but I have been given various good and bad opinions of them. Each can be bought for $300 / pair. Any opinion or comments about BIC?


Today I discovered a couple of good deals.

First one was B&W CM5 bookshelves for $1077.00 / pair. I know this is a steal but are these speakers going to work for both HT and music?

Second deal was the Revel M-22 for 1199.00 / pair. Another steal. Again, what is the opinion for HT and music?

Last deal was the Paradigm Monitor 7 for $690 / Pair. Again, another steal and its a tower speaker like I was looking for. BUT...is it goign to give me good HT sound and Music?

I also listened to some Monitor brand speakers. not sure of the model number but they were about $650.00 for the pair.

Most of these speakers were at local stores and I saw them and listened to them with my own ears and eyes. I am wondering, since this would wipe out my entire speaker budget, if going without a center would be good for my HT?

I guess, I am just wondering what the best speakers I can get for my money that are good for both HT and music. I do not have space limitations and I am pretty open to brand other than Klipsch....just not a fan of the horn tweeters. I would really like to get the center and both fronts for 1000.00 or so. Going into today I hadn't even considered bookshelf speakers but they did sound really nice...I think I actually liked the B&W better than the Revel.

Your thoughts?

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I have not heard the Paradigm speakers but the Revel M-22s and B&W CM5s are excellent for HT and music. If it were me, I would start with 2.1 and purchase a center when finances allowed. I would also purchase the subwoofer from HSU Research, SVS, or Rhythmik rather than matching the brand of the monitors you decide on. Those are decent prices on the CM5s and M-22s. At $650, it must have been the Silver RX-1 model that you listened to from Monitor Audio. The Silver RX-2 and the RX-6/RX-8 towers are excellent as well. It really comes down to what you like best and if it fits within your budget.
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