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New Front speakers, how to adjust surrounds.

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I recently purchased tSc P6-PR for fronts and RC1 for Center. For surrounds speakers i have Onkyo HTIB speakers.

I will be upgrading the the rest of the 7.1 setup, but for now i have to live with the 4 Onkyo surround speakers.

My question is, how do i calibrate the speakers so they all sound balanced.

I calibrated using an SPL meter with DVE Blu ray, but have to raise the onkyo speakers +12dB just to make it at reference level. Im calibrating at 80dB in SPL meter.

I know the Onkyo speakers suck but would raising their speaker volume up to 12dB cause any damage or should i lower the the dB on the Fronts and Center so they balance that way.

Thank You
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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