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New Fujitsu 63" owner: Where's the orbiter?

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I just bought a new Fujitsu, and can't find the controls for the orbiter. I've followed the instructions from the owner's manual, but there's no orbiter controls showing up in the menus. Where is it? I've looked under multiple inputs.
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I have an NEC and find it under the heading longlife. That may or may not help.
Thanks, but no such heading. The owner's manual says it's under "others". I have a few options under "others" but no orbiter. Unfortunately, the manual is not illustrated well enough to know where it might be.
I just found an article on Fujitsu plasmas. Not sure about the model they were referring to, but it was stated that the orbiter function was only available through the RGB input.

Could this be applicable in your situation?
my P63 does not have an orbiter feature on component video input either but no matter:

all an orbiter might do is to enlarge or smear some logo or static image: it has zero vaule in reducing burn-in: it could make it worse

a P63 will exhibit image retention but should not burn in given reasonable use:

go easy on it for the first 100 hours or so: run only full screen at non torch mode settings and you will be fine
Thanks for the input. Help me out with "torch modes". All I've done is turn the brightness down to -10 and the contrast to 75. Is that enough? Are there other modes I should be adjusting?
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