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Hi all....
For years I've wanted a great sounding H/T system, and I've recently purchased a friends old equipment. Trying to figure out how to best connect my sub... Your help is greatly appreciated... I'm a wet behind the ear rookie that's all smiles! Please let me know what I need to add?

This is what I have:

1) Integra 9.9 DHC Pre amp ($800) like new
2) Rotel RMB-1095 power Amp ($700) like new
3) Samsung 3D Blu-Ray player recent model ( Free)
4)Sony ES series player (Free) like new
5) Definitive Technology BP6 Front floor Speakers
Definitive Technology Celsius Bookshelf speakers
Definitive Technology CLR-3000 Center Channel
M&K MX-200 Subwoofer, All speakers ($700)
6) Audioquest Gilbraltar 2 12' foot speaker cable ($200)
7) Audioquest Columbia Interconnects from PreAmp to Amp ($200)
8) Tributatires Silver cables (4) ( $200)

My questions is this.... With all the connections on the back of the sub? Where do I plug in???? Trying to find diagrams, I'm coming up empty! I do need a power conditioner, right now, I have a beefy Monster Power Strip... lots of old stuff here, but all looks and works great, the guy I bought it from is really anal!
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