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Hello all,

I have been attempting to fix this on my own, but I need some professional help now. Famous last words, I know.

I have a 50" LG Plasma mounted above my fireplace (looks great, albeit too SMALL!!) I orginially had it setup with the LG home theater that came with it as a package. That worked ok at best. Now the problem:

My 14 month old daughter was playing with the tv remote and somehow messed up the setting for the HT system, now it wont play on the tv. I have tried like you cant imagine to fix it but no good. So....I go to Bernies(going out of business
) and buy an open box Sony Blu Ray HT system. I figure that when I get this set up, problem solved. Hahaha... No sir ree bob. I have tried the following:

hook up with red/white/yellow cables - NO GOOD

hook up with brand new HDMI-NO GOOD (invalid format flashes on the screen)

reset back to factory the video via the remote-NO GOOD

tried an optical cable with component cables-NO GOOD

The blu ray player seems to be working, i can hear the disc spinning and the timer is running on the front.

The only thing i get is the "invalid format" that flashes on the tv. I am ready to call my local tv repairman and ask him to come over and take a look, i think that may be a waste of $150+ but i really dont know what else to do.

Thanks in advance for any and all help

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