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Hi all,

I'm a techno-challenged guy who has gotten caught up in the wave of home networking and entertainment. So, what started as a simple quest for an external hard drive has snowballed a bit and I'm in over my head.

My needs:

1. Safe storage of digital family photos and documents from two networked computers

2. While I'm at it...rip collection of DVDs and CDs for easy access on my A/V receiver and TV

3. Something that will keep us for a while...I'm cheap and don't want to be back at this in a few years

My thoughts:

1. I think RAID is a necessity. Like I said, I want to know our ever-growing picture collection is safe.

2. I think I can get a NAS/server and media player more than adequate for under $800. I was looking at under $200 when I started...sigh.

3. After much research and many headaches, I think the HP Mediasmart servers are what I need (I think). If I get the EX490 and another 1TB HDD, I can have 1TB and the other a backup (Am I correct HP doesn't do RAID but has a similar proprietary system that does the same?).

4. With the Mediasmart holding all my stuff, am I correct that I need a media player, such as the Boxee Box, in order to get this stuff to my audio/visual receiver and TV? The Mediasmart doesn't have an HDMI so I don't know if it will sort the digital info or if I can get it to my receiver.

Thanks for the input. I used to think I was pretty smart, then I started trying to figure this stuff out. Thanks!
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