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I belong to another forum from a different hobby so I know how frustrating questions from newbies can be so if my questions below can easily be answered by searching previous posts, please let me know and that's what I'll do.

I'm basically setting out to purchase my first LCD panel (will be a 40") and am looking at the Bravia series. The following are a few things I'm looking to this forum to help me understand.

1) Is "Mura" a problem with this line? What does one do if you purchase a panel that has this problem?

2) Will 240 Hz be noticably nicer than 120 Hz or is this difference difficult to see?

3) I think I want the 10 bit color processing - again, is this a noticable difference over 8 bit?

4) Is the BE3 a significant improvement over BE2?

And lastly, if I do want 240 Hz and 10 bit that kind of limits me to the XBR9 or the Z5100 - but I'm not having much luck finding 40" Z5100's - Best Buy said they are discontinued. As these were scheduled to come out in spring of 2009 - is it really true that they are already discontinued?

If it matters, my use for this set will primarily be normal TV viewing with an HD cable hook up. I have plenty of DVD's but no blue ray. Might eventually get into blueray but this won't be its main use. Not likely to be a whole lot of gaming or PC apps either.

Thanks everyone.
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