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My Darbee unit is connected inline between a Sony STR-DA5600ES A/V receiver and a Planar PD470 video LCD monitor.

I recently upgraded my DirecTV service to a new top-of-the-line Home Media Center, swapping out the two-year-old HD DVR. The new unit has a handshaking issue with all my tested and swapped out HDMI cables.

- All other HDMI Sony inputs connected through the Darbee (e.g. an Oppo 95, Roku, PS3) work OK.

- The prior DirectTV HD DVR worked OK.

- Switching the input on the Sony A/V and switching it back to DirectTV restores the handshake.

- Unplugging an HDMI cable and plugging it back in anywhere it the current Darbee chain restores the handshake.

- Turning the Darbee signal off and turning it back on from the remote does not solve the problem.

- Removing the Darbee from the signal path solves the problem.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
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