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New hd audio formats only 5.1??

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I'm confused!! I have a 7.1 speaker setup with my yamaha rxv-2800. Want to upgrade to the rxv-1800 to get the new audio formats with hd and blu-ray and my guy at Ultimate tells me that they will only play in 5.1 and will not out put in all 7 of my speakers. Does anyone know about this and is it worth upgrading from my current setup??
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He's stoned. Some movies are in 7.1.

I am not sure all players support 7.1 PCM. If they do, you should be able to hear 7.1 output, because the 1800 should certainly support 7.1 PCM. My 2700 does, and your 1800 is one year newer. Ask in the RX-V1800 thread if you are concerned.

I also believe the 1800 may be able to apply Dolby Pro Logic IIx processing to PCM. I believe the 2700/1700 did. Once again, ask in the 1800 thread.

The last factor is whether the 1800 can output 7.1 from a 7.1 bitstream sountrack such as TrueHD. I believe it does, but you may want to ask that question in the RX-V1800 thread.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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